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Other Feeds

Horse & Pony Mix & Cubes Paddock Mix Conditioning Mix & Cubes Improver Conditioning Mix Loyalty (Veteran) Mix Lamin-eze Mix Convalescent Mix Endurance Mix Competition Mix Foal Mix Stud Mix Farmyard Mix Trish's Ewe & Lamb Mix Rabbit Mix

• Medium energy-high fibre mix

• Low in starch and sugar

• Natural ingredients

• No cereals, cereal bi-products or molasses

• Ideal for horses or ponies that require a low starch diet

• With mixed herbs

• With extra biotin maintain hoof quality

• With Yea-Sacc live yeast to help maintain hindgut balance of microflora

• With added chelated magnesium to maintain the body’s glucose management



Horses & ponies in light to medium work and:

        • Horses and ponies with an excitable nature

        • Broodmares & youngstock

        • Horses & ponies at risk from laminitis

        • Horses & ponies at risk from tying up

High Fibre

        This coarse mix provides a palatable blend of high fibre containing ingredients, including alfalfa, sugar beet shreds, grass and quality oat straw. The alfalfa, which is present in the form of a pellet and long chop fibre provides a quality source of protein, as well as bioavailable calcium. This mix has a high chop inclusion (alfalfa and oat straw) which encourages natural feeding behaviour, promotes chewing and also the production of saliva that will help buffer stomach acidity.


Medium Energy

        The product is appropriate for all horses or ponies in light work to medium work, but is especially suitable for horses or ponies that are at risk from, tying up or those that have an excitable nature. It provides a moderate level of energy per kilogram (~ 12MJ/kg) and should be fed to maintain an appropriate body condition using the feeding guide below accordingly.

Low in starch, sugars and fructan

        The product is very low in hydrolysable carbohydrate (starch and sugars) and so will minimize the ‘escape’ of these carbohydrates into the hindgut. Feeds that are low in starch and high in fibre can also help to maintain calmness in horses with an excitable nature when fed at an appropriate level.


Broodmares and youngstock

        The nutritional profile of this mix also means that it is suitable for broodmares and youngstock, especially for Native and Pony breeds, as well as Mustangs. The low glycemic nature of this mix will support slow steady growth, helping to reduce the likelihood of skeletal problems.


Hoof Support

        This mix offers a full range of vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet in conjunction with forage. In addition, extra biotin and other ingredients such as calcium, quality protein and zinc that are needed to support the growth and formation of quality hoof horn are provided.


Live Yeast

        Yea-Sacc, a live yeast supplement is added to help maintain a healthy balance of microflora in the hindgut and to stimulate the activity of important fibre digesting bacteria and those capable of using lactic acid. Live yeasts help to protect against falling pH in the hindgut, which can contribute to digestive disturbance.


Chelated Magnesium

        Magnesium is provided attached to amino acids or small protein fragments to improve its absorption. Adequate magnesium intake is needed to help maintain normal insulin sensitivity, which is needed to promote normal growth

Feeding Guide

• Feeding recommendations are intended as a guide only and total feed intake should be adjusted according to body condition as necessary.

• Keep meals sizes small and feed on a ‘little and often basis’.

Fibre Excel Mix









DE MJ/kg

12.21 MJ/kg


Approximate Size

Bodyweight (kg)

Fibre Excel (kg/day)


9 - 10 hh


1.0 - 2.0


13.2 - 14.2 hh


2.0 - 4.0



14.2 - 15 hh


2.5 - 5.0


16.2 - 17 hh


3.0 - 6.00