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Dogs, Farmyard & Poultry

At Rands & Wilson we stock an extensive range of animal feeds too.

Dog Food

Rands & Wilson working dog food in chicken or beef, muesli, puppy and for those who need a diet version the lamb light! We also hold in stock many well know brands such as Autarky, Dr Johns, Omega, Skinner,Hill Science only to name a few.


Stocking layers pellets, layers mash, chick crumb, growers, whole wheat, maize, mixed corn and not forgetting the husbandry products including feeders, drinkers and powders for all the poultry needs!


Not only do we have our own Farmyard Mix we stock animal feed for pigs, cattle, sheep, goats even ostriches and camels!


Rands & Wilson have a lot of bedding to choose from small flaked Woodpecker shaving, large flake Bedmax shaving,Bedding Pellets, Bedsoft, paper and even some with eucalyptus oil!

Small Animal

We have small bales of hay, straw and shavings for small animal bedding and we can feed any small furry animal from a mouse to a giant rabbit!

Special Order Items

Also if we don't have what you need in stock we are very happy to order the product in for you and keep it as a regular stocked item.